AXIAL Bass Drums




Axial Bass Drum - Designed to complement the Axial Snare and Tenor drums, the Axial Bass Drum is handcrafted with 8ply Scandinavian Birch using our unique cold-press moulding process. The inclusion of our FlipBack™ quick release system and SecureLoc™ tensioning system allows for fast and easy head changes.


The Axial Bass drum features a multi-position carry rail for custom placing of harnesses.

• 8ply 5mm Grade A Scandinavian Birch Shell


• 45º Bearing Edges


• Remo USA Heads


• FlipBack™ Quick Release System


• SecureLoc™ Tensioning system


• Multi-position Carry Rail


• Magnetik Drum Key


• Anodised finish hardware as standard


• Optional colour anodising and powder coating of hardware


Cold-press moulding is the key to the British Drum Co. signature sound. Click here to discover the unique way that British Drum Co. builds our amazing drum shells.

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